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Hats, Headbands, Scarves and Other Garments are made to order from your choice of yarns:  NBF handspun, NBF millspun,  or pooled millspun.  Colors in each will vary from year to year.  Please contact us for current color availability.

Socks and Mittens are available in "pooled" colors only:  off-white, beige, dark brown and charcoal.  These items are generally in stock, but not all colors are available in all sizes.

NBF Millspun Yarns are available in limited quantities of Ibis, Denali/Brandy blend, Sumatra/Haleakala blend, Kona, and Wachusett/Cayamarca blend. 

NBF Handspun Yarns will be spun to order from any of our animals.

Roving is currently available by special order only.

Raw Fleece can be reserved while still on the animal for availability after shearing in the spring. Contact us anytime during the year.


Our Fleeces

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Sumatra (Chocolate Brown)

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Kona (Toasted Honey)

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Torre (Butterscotch)

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Denali (Off White)

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Brandy (White)

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Liberty (Off White)

Pooled Colors

Pooled colors are a product of our local fiber pool.  We use mills throughout New England to spin the yarns and knit or weave the products.  Colors vary from year to year depending on what the pool collects for that year's run.

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Off White

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Dark Brown

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