Welcome to our gallery of fleece products.

We try to keep a small inventory of socks and yarn for our farm customers.  Other hand knit items are available on a limited basis. 

We also offer custom weaving services for those who would like handwoven products made from their own yarns.  Please note:  our mill does not offer knitted products at this time.

Why Alpaca instead of other natural fibers?

Alpaca is finer, warmer and stronger than sheep's wool making it lightweight warmth that's comfortable to wear.  It's fineness greatly reduces the "prickle factor" associated with most wools.  The fact that alpaca contains no lanolin makes it hypo-allergenic for most people.  In Incan history, alpaca was considered so luxurious that only royalty was allowed to wear garments made from it!

Care of alpaca garments:
Alpaca garments are hand-washable in tepid water using shampoo (after all, alpaca is the hair of these fine animals).  Alpaca fleece will felt and shrink if mishandled so only use a washing machine for soaking purposes (turn the agitator off).  Once rinsed, I use the washing machine's non-agitating spin cycle to remove excess water and then lay the garment flat to dry.  Alpaca may also be dry cleaned.


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