Back to the Market!

Hello Friends of the Farm!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve reached out to you.  What a busy time it has been!  I planned to write a Spring blog post about what happens during our “off season”.  Then I planned to write a Summer blog post to let you know we’d be at the Bolton Fair again this year.  Neither of those posts ever happened.  What happened instead?  Life!  Nothing terrible.  Just that sometimes when you’re taking care of a herd of alpacas, an elderly dog and an elderly parent, well, there are lots of interrupting factors that steal your focus.

But here it is September, and we are right back in “on season”!  The Bolton Fair is behind us, and it went well.  I know there are some folks who stay away because of the shuttle and traffic situation.  I don’t blame you.  I appreciate those of you who come out in spite of it all!  Some of our local friends bicycle in to avoid the shuttle.  Just a suggestion for people looking for a work around.

Next up, we’re headed back to the Wayland Summer Farmers’ Market this Wednesday!  And each Wednesday until the mid October end of the Wayland Summer Farmers’ Market season.  While we are having some supply chain issues, most of our popular products are back in stock!  As of this writing, I’m frantically getting things labelled for sale (someday I should post about what the labelling project entails, and how my printer *always* gives me grief about it!).  Website inventory is not up to date yet, but it will be once I get past the Market on Wed.

I do have a couple of new products that I hope to debut this fall.  Some of you have seen/bought our new teardrop felted trivets.  I have a new supply of the smalls, and plan to decorate some of the larger sizes for your cooking/kitchen decor pleasure.  We are also working to get nesting balls into stock for the fall/winter market.  These are made from a grapevine cage, stuffed with alpaca fiber to hang outside for all your feathery backyard friends!  Many (many!) years ago, I threw some “medium fawn” (reddish) alpaca fiber into the suet feeder side of our bird seed feeder, just to see what would happen.  A human visitor glanced out the window and said, “Hey, there’s a red squirrel in your bird feeder!”  No, it was just that the fiber had been plucked out of the suet feeder in a way that it looked like a red squirrel’s tail.  The birds simply love this stuff!  We hope these nesting balls will help keep your feathery friends comfy this winter!

I think that’s all for now.  The Wayland Summer Farmer’s Market is each Wednesday until 12Oct, 12-4pm, at Russell’s Garden Center.  I hope to see you there!

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