Holiday Shoppe 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Friends of North Brook Farm!

Yes!  We will open our seasonal Holiday Shoppe on Saturdays, 11-2, now until Christmas.  One thing you should know if you are planning to visit the farm…

…the bridge just south of our farm is closed for the foreseeable future.  Some GPS systems have figured out to re-route around the block, others have not.  Bottom line, you need to come in from the north, the Rt 62 end of the street.  Then you need to drive around several “street closed” signs and cones before arriving.  We are the last house north of the closure and you can (I promise!) get here that way.  If you normally come from the south end of town (Rt 290, etc), you will need to drive around the block and come in from the north.  I have some small directional signs posted to help you.

What’s new here (other than the street closure)?  Well… puppies!  Yes, plural. Meet Mila and Finn (sister and brother) who just turned 1!  No one will EVER replace our beloved boy Mick (nor his predecessors), but these two have brought a lot of joy to our home.  Some of you have met them through this past year at the Wayland Farmers’ Markets. They are still in training, but are becoming super sweet little dogs (while still being fresh puppies).  They have captured our hearts.

We do have a few new products to check out.  There are 2 new varieties of socks, both lighter weight than our Survival and Outdoorsman styles.  They are called “All Day Crew” socks and “Rain or Shine” socks.  These are so new they are not on the website yet!  Come to the Shoppe to check them out!!

We’ve also finally have DRYER BALLS available!  So many people have asked us about these for so very long.  It’s about time I did something about it!  Put the felted alpaca Dryer Balls in your tumble cycle.  They will fluff your load while also absorbing moisture from the clothes to shorten the drying cycle and reduce your electric bill!

We have some new scarves in the works, too.  These will not be ready for opening day (25Nov), but should make an appearance before Christmas.  Or at least by our first appearance at the Wayland Winter Farmer’s Market on 06Jan2024.  More on those later.

Thanks for reading, dear friends and customers!  We hope our street closures won’t keep you away from our Holiday Shoppe this year.  Even if we don’t see you, we wish you a very happy Holiday Season!

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