Happy New Year!

Have I ever told you we have awesome customers? We really do! Everyone’s been faced with so many new challenges this past year, in addition to the challenges we each faced before 2020 rolled around. We feel the need to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful customers for working with us, being respectful, and cooperating with the new “rules”. We thank you for finding us at the Wayland Summer Farmers’ Market and making it a fantastic season, for us as well as our fellow market vendors! We thank you for understanding that our displays look much different this year. We thank you for wearing masks and not touching products that you weren’t going to purchase. We thank you for finding and using our new online shoppe, which is still a work in process…and for helping us work out the kinks of online ordering, shipping and local pickup. We thank you for shopping at our outdoor Holiday Shoppe this year. And most of all, we thank you for shopping local and supporting our farm as much, if not more, than ever before!

It seems we will have to keep up with our diligence to keep everyone safe and healthy for the forseeable future. We thank you for your cooperation with that as well! We will be joining the Wayland Winter Farmers’ Market, outdoors, on 09Jan2021. More on that in our next post. But for now, we want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy new year! And mostly, thank you for being great customers, and keeping it real!

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