Today’s Nor’Easter, the first of the season here in New England! It was supposed to be a whole lot of special for us in Berlin, MA. “Christmas in Berlin” isn’t happening due to the pandemic. But the Berlin Senior Citizen’s stood up and said, “Let’s have some fun”! They coordinated a Holiday Lighting contest, that kicked off today. Except then the storm blew thru.

We at North Brook Farm were supposed to be open today from 11-7. Around 3pm, the road out front was way too bad for us to expect folks to come out. So we shut down. Well, that’s a soft shut down, cuz if anyone had actually come by we would have welcomed them. We don’t want anyone risking their lives to get here, but if you are here in a storm, we will not turn you away!

So, reboot! We plan to open tomorrow afternoon, impromptu. Let’s just say any time after Noon, until sunset. We’ve got a bunch of farm chores scheduled for tomorrow, but we’ll be here on the property.

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